lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

Programar para la PSP en el EeePC

¿Eres de esos inquietos que a los que les gusta programar y que prueba cualquier SDK que cae en tus manos?. ¿Además tienes una Play Station Portable?. ¿Te gustaría ver tus propios programas corriendo en la PSP?. ¿Y qué me dices si además puedes usar el PSPSDK en tu EeePC?.
Pues entonces el PSPSDK para el EeePC es tu herramienta.
Extraido del archivo README:

PSPSDK Revision 2361 - Compiled: 2008-01-26 for EEE PC
About this package
This package contains a precompiled PSPSDK Distribution for the EEE PC by Asus.
Even if it might work on other platforms as well, it should only be used on
that specific platform. If you need the PSPSDK for another platform just grab
the sources from
How to use
As this is a prebuilt and ready-to-use distribution there is not much to do
to get it working.
1. Extract the contents of this archive to /usr/local. This will create a
subfolder called pspdev where all the essential files will be extracted.
2. Add the following lines to your .bashrc file
export PSPDEV=/usr/local/pspdev
export PATH=$PATH:$PSPDEV/bin
After you have saved the file, please log in on a new console as the changes
are not yet active on the previous console.
3. In the freshly opened console window try to compile a sample application.
It should compile without problems.
cd /usr/local/pspdev/psp/sdk/samples/gu/morph
If the sample application compiles successfull you are ready and set to use the
PSPSDK on your EEE PC.
Have phun!