viernes, 22 de junio de 2007

Colognes are killing Russians

A physical dependency provoked by the habitual use of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or any other drug, can bring serious symptoms like confusion, seizures, and visual hallucinations, but to abruptly withdraw some of these substances (alcohol, benzodiazepines and barbiturates) can be also fatal. To imagine the anxiety this physical and mental dependency can cause is practically impossible for those who have never been there. But being willing to satiate this need with surrogates and products not legally sold for consumption, make it even harder for non-dependents to understand.Russian men are risking death by drinking aftershave and cleaning agents, a study has suggested, estimating that half of all deaths in working age men in the country are due to hazardous drinking.
These products have either very high concentrations of ethanol or contaminants known to be toxic. They are untaxed and thus much less expensive than vodka. Heavy drinking has fluctuated in Russia under Communism since alcohol was the only thing people could afford. “The rapid economic development in recent years may have added to the social problems, which often underlie heavy drinking”, Andrew McNeill, director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies said. "Gorbachev tried to sober everyone up but he couldn't sustain it."Eau de cologne and aftershave are widely available, they are cheap and contain up to 97% alcohol. But as we should (and must) know, they are not intended for consumption. Drinking a perfume to satisfy an alcoholic need or dependency sounds more like an irrational, nonsense phase: killing yourself as a matter of survival...